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MAD is a Healthcare Mobile App Development Service Provider Company that employs state-of-the-art technologies to develop apps that empower healthcare providers and streamline patient care. Our passion is to create user-friendly solutions that are compliant with industry regulations.

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Innovative Healthcare Solutions

As a leading Healthcare Mobile App Development Service Provider Company in London, MAD leverages its two decades of experience to empower healthcare startup growth through fully optimized mobile solutions. We utilize the latest advancements in healthcare technologies, including AI-driven diagnostics and IoT-based tracking, to redefine how healthcare is delivered. Our successful partnerships with healthcare startups in London are a testament to our expertise. Guiding these startups through the complex regulatory landscape is one of our specialties.

What we offer under Healthcare Mobile App Development:

IoT Integration
AI Analytics
Location Tracking
EHR Integration
Health Tracking
Wearable Connectivity
Emergency Service Integration

Medication Reminders 

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Healthcare App Development Services We Provide

Fitness App Development
We provide a comprehensive approach to fitness with unhindered wearable connectivity and live class integrations. Our solutions are integrated with features such as heart rate tracking and body composition analysis.
Patient Care App Development

With seamless connectivity between the patient and healthcare provider, we provide a complete patient care solution. We empower patients to actively manage their health and access medical services.

Medication Management App Development

Improving self-care with one-stop medication management solutions is one of MAD’s strengths. We enhance medical adherence with AI-powered tracking and precise reminders.

Health Tracking App Development

By integrating IoT, we develop healthcare apps that work together with health trackers to provide vital health metrics, helping users monitor their well-being and set health goals.

EHR App Development

Access and update patient records in one unified place with MAD’s Electronic Health Record Apps. We implement stringent security protocols to ensure the protection of sensitive healthcare reports.

First Aid App Development

A definitive solution on first aid procedures with comprehensive CPR instructions and access to emergency services. We develop lifesaving tools that provide clear, step-by-step guidance for administering immediate care.

Disease Management App Development

We implement AI-powered analysis to help users monitor and manage diseases. By implementing live tracking for symptoms, medications, and doctor's appointments, we create a comprehensive disease management solution.

Hospital Inventory Management App Development

Our digital solutions help healthcare facilities streamline inventory control and ensure essential medications are readily available. Hospital staff can manage stock levels and optimise the procurement process with our apps.

Our Specialised Features For Healthcare Apps


Telemedicine Integration

Enabling video consultations and secure messaging for remote healthcare access to improve patient engagement.


Appointment Scheduling

We develop user-friendly scheduling systems to allow patients and doctors to organise their appointments.


Health Tracking

Our IoT integrations allow users to track their vitals through external devices and receive data directly on the app.


Emergency Services Locator

We ensure immediate assistance during emergencies with quick access to emergency services.


User Authentication

Our developers incorporate biometric authentication to ensure patient data privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.


Symptom Checker

An AI-powered symptom checker to provide preliminary information about potential health issues.

Elevate Healthcare With Technology

Why MAD is Your Perfect Tech Partner for Healthcare

HIPAA Compliance
We adhere to HIPAA standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of health information.
AI Integration
We integrate AI to make managing patients, organising patients, and handling large-scale hospitals feel like a breeze.
Maximum Scalability
Our healthcare apps are highly scalable to account for the flexible demands of the industry.
20+ Years of Experience
Our healthcare apps have helped thousands of people take ownership of their health and provided assurance to healthcare providers.
Complete Transparency and Flexibility
MAD’s healthcare app development process accounts for client feedback at every stage and ensures quick iterations.
Military-Grade Security
We understand the sensitivity of healthcare data and provide maximum security in all our healthcare apps.

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