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MAD’s fintech app development services are tailored to the unique demands of the finance world. We are on top of the game with robust cybersecurity protocols, advanced data analytics, and AI-driven insights. Our fintech apps are the foundation upon which you can build your fintech startup’s success.

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Customised Fintech Solutions

Leverage MAD, a leading financial software development company with over 20 years of experience, to propel your fintech startup to success. Our expert team builds Customized Fintech Solutions, utilizing robust cybersecurity, advanced data analytics, and AI to digitally transform your business and ensure seamless growth. We partner with you throughout your journey, from the early stages of development to upscaling operations, guiding you through the complexities of the fintech landscape. With MAD's custom fintech app development services as the foundation, your startup can achieve long-term success.

What we offer under Fintech Mobile App Development

Data Encryption

AI-Powered Analytics

Compliance and Regulation

Seamless API Integration

Biometric Authentication

Real-Time Updates

Payment Gateway Integration

Multi-Currency Support

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What We Offer

Fintech Application Development

We leverage advanced AI/ML algorithms to develop future-ready fintech apps for iOS and Android. Our aim is to anticipate and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the financial industry.

Investment Platform

This is another cornerstone of our expertise, where we seamlessly integrate robust financial tools and user-friendly interfaces to provide a secure and sufficient environment for managing investments.

eCommerce Application Development

We develop intuitive and scalable online shopping platforms that captivate customers and empower businesses to succeed in the competitive world of online retail.

Banking Mobile App Development

As our forte, we build banking mobile apps that offer customers convenient access to their financial accounts, make secure transactions, and benefit from an array of financial services on the go.

Insurtech App Development

Our Insurtech apps streamline everything from policy management to claim processing. We harness technology to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction in the insurance industry.

Payment Processing App Development

We design and craft payment processing apps that facilitate seamless transactions for businesses and consumers alike. By emphasising reliability and compliance, we create hassle-free payment experiences.

Personal Finance Management App Development

Helping users manage their money better with AI-powered recommendations, budget tracking, expense analysis, investment tracking, and goal setting is one of MAD’s specialities.

Regtech App Development

Our focus is on crafting apps that help businesses navigate through complex regulatory landscapes with ease. We implement real-time insights to ensure businesses stay compliant and mitigate risks effectively.

Why Choose MAD As Your Fintech Partner


Industry Expertise

With more than 20 years of expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table.


Cutting-Edge Technology

We implement AI/ML technologies and stay on top of technology trends to develop next-gen fintech apps.



Our fintech apps run on advanced algorithms to provide users with curated recommendations and advice.



Our solutions grow with your business by accommodating increasing demands and expanding services.


Integration Capabilities

Our fintech apps seamlessly integrate with third-party financial tools and data sources.


Dedicated Support

Our team is always there with you to guide you towards success in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

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Features We Provide in Fintech App Development

AI-Powered Analysis

Our developers implement AI algorithms that analyse the market in real-time and provide a thorough analysis to users, assisting them in their investments.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We put security at the forefront by implementing stringent security protocols that include biometric authentication as well.

Secure Payment

By providing users with multiple payment options, we bestow convenience and confidence in making payments.

Chatbot Integration

Users can get instant query resolution and guidance about using the app with an AI-powered, human-like chatbot.

Contactless Payments

By integrating NFC, we allow users to make contactless payments with a simple tap of their phone on compatible terminals.

Crypto Compatibility

We make our fintech apps compatible with Cryptocurrencies and implement features like crypto staking and earning interest.

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We will conduct a series of meetings to discuss and brainstorm on your idea.

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