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MAD guides clients to dominate the iOS platform with our Swift App Development services. Our expert team of Swift App Developers is well-versed in harnessing the power of the framework to create exceptional iOS apps that meet your demands.
Develop Your Swift App!

MAD’s Expansive Swift Solutions for Startups

As a leading Swift App Development Company in the UK, we have been at the forefront of Swift’s evolution since its inception. This enables us to craft high-performing, innovative iOS apps that set industry benchmarks. Whether you are in the education, eCommerce, or entertainment industries, our Swift solutions are curated to fulfil your unique industry requirements. Allow us to transform your iOS vision into reality. Let’s conquer the iOS platform together and achieve digital success!

What we offer under Swift iOS App Development:

Dynamic Library Support
High-Performance Graphics
Real-Time Communication
Voice Recognition
Offline Access
Healthkit Integration
Secure Payment Processing
Geofencing & Route Tracking

Full-Fledged Swift App Development Services

Our Swift services cover all aspects of mobile app development.

Swift App Development Consulting
Our Business Analysts work together with you to improve your Swift app idea, ensuring that it tackles all market challenges with ease.
Swift App UI/UX Design
Our UI/UX designers recreate the vibe and theme of your brand in the Swift app by creating the appropriate design elements.
Swift App Testing
Our testers ensure that your Swift app is functioning smoothly and has top-of-the-line security protocols.
TV App Development

Televisions and big screen devices can present a unique integrative experience in high definition with improved graphics over the display.

Range of Features We Offer

We unlock the full potential of Swift technology to deliver mindblowing features.
Highend Graphics
Our developers utilise Swift’s graphics libraries to create stunning animations and visual effects.
AI/ML Integration
We use Swift’s compatibility with core ML to integrate machine learning models, paving the way for text generation, image recognition, and hyperpersonalisation.
Our developers integrate MapKit to develop navigation and geofencing features and location-based services.
Cloud Integration
Our developers facilitate the syncronisation of data across multiple iPhones by seamlessly integrating Swift with the Cloud.
Secure Authentication
Using Swift, we implement secure authentication methods like FaceID and TouchID to protect user data.
Voice Recognition
By incorporating SiriKit, we enable voice recognition and voice command features to enhance app accessibility.

Get Your iOS App Developed

Benefits of Swift App Development

Swift is a robust framework that provides multiple advantages to startups who want to develop an iOS app.
Faster Development
Swift has a clean syntax and concise coding that reduce development time, allowing you to enter the market quickly.
High Performance
Swift is optimised for speed and performance, which makes your app smooth and quicker to respond.
As Apple’s preferred language, Swift is constantly evolving to stay compatible with future iOS updates and iPhones.
Swift apps are easier to maintain and update with the latest features as your startup grows.
Enhanced UX
Swift allows designers to create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces that keep users hooked on your app.
Swift includes built-in security features, such as memory safety and code encryption, that help build stringent security protocols.

Why is MAD Your Perfect Swift Development Partner?

We have a proven track record of successful iOS apps developed with the Swift framework.
Swift Expertise
We have the best in class Swift app developers who deliver the latest features and functionalities.
Flexible Process
You can provide your suggestions multiple times during our development process to ensure that the app turns out exactly as you envisioned it.
We keep you updated with the smallest developments throughout the project and collect your valuable feedback when required.
Our iOS apps grow just as your business grows, updating themselves with market trends and industry standards.
Constant Support
Our dedicated support team is always there for you, along with multiple points of contact for the smallest of queries.

Get Expert Assistance

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What happens next?


Our marketing team will contact you shortly after analyzing your requirements.


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We will conduct a series of meetings to discuss and brainstorm on your idea.

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