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Technological innovation and adherence to market trends are what result in success in the digital world. MAD’s Kotlin apps are the gateway to expanded reach, high user-engagement, and an increased conversion rate for startups.
Develop a Kotlin Mobile App

MAD’s Kotlin Solutions for Startups

MAD’s Kotlin developers follow a modern approach to delivering apps that embrace advanced technologies like AI/ML, making them future-ready. Our Kotlin Android apps are crafted with care to meet your business requirements and equip your startup with the right technology. Whether you want to develop a large-scale eCommerce app or a cutting-edge Fintech app, our Kotlin app developers will actualise your idea.

Begin your Android app journey with innovation and excellence by partnering with MAD.

What we offer under Kotlin Android App Development:

Java Interoperability
AI/ML Integration
Null Safety Features
Data Serialisation
Jetpack Compose
Dependency Injection
Custom DSLs
Maintainable Codebase

Complete Kotlin Mobile App Development Services

Our Kotlin services are completely customisable according to your business requirements.

Kotlin App Development Consulting
Our Business Analysts will brainstorm on your app idea to make it future-ready and stand out in the market.
Kotlin App UI/UX Design
Our designers take their time to understand your business and create a design that blends with your brand's image and personality.
Kotlin App Testing
Our Kotlin app testers look through your app and ensure that everything is in place.
Kotlin App Maintenance
We update your app with new features to engage users and drive more downloads.

Range of Features We Offer

Here are the game-changing features we offer by harnessing the full potential of Kotlin.
User-Friendly UI
Our developers leverage Kotlin to create intuitive and user-friendly UIs that keep users hooked.
AI/ML Integration
With Kotlin, our developers integrate AI/ML libraries to develop intelligent features like hyperpersonalisation and NLP.
Data Serialisation
We enable efficient data exchange between the app and external services to enhance communication and data processing.
Asynchronous Operations
Our Kotlin apps are highly responsive, thanks to Kotlin’s asynchronous programming, which allows them to handle background tasks with ease.
Custom Widgets
We develop widgets that can be tailored to the specific needs of your app, enhancing its uniqueness.
IoT Integration
With Kotlin, we develop apps that can communicate with and control IoT devices, allowing you to provide a unified experience.

Get Your Kotlin App Developed

Why Choose MAD as Your Kotlin App Development Company?

Kotlin Expertise
Our Kotlin developers are highly skilled and passionate about creating unique user experiences for our clients.
Flexible Development
Our Kotlin app development process is always open to improvements, ensuring the app matches your preferences.
Our Kotlin apps showcase high-end performance and are scalable to meet your rising business demands.
Assured Excellence
We follow strict quality check protocols to ensure that the app is exactly as you intended before launch.
Post-Launch Support
Once the app is launched, we release timely updates to implement new features and keep it running as smoothly as ever.

Get Expert Assistance

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What happens next?


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We will conduct a series of meetings to discuss and brainstorm on your idea.

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